Trump – WTF else?

While “Kumbaya” is a swell little song, sitting around singing it, holding signs and such doesn’t accomplish much, especially with a US President that can’t or won’t read. ¬†Although a tad long in the truth for this it seems to me that the best way to get the attention of rich, arrogant people is to start costing them money, the more the better. If a few energetic souls would start keeping track of all the people coming and going from Trump’s businesses or the businesses he works with and use same to create a National Boycott List (NBL). There are lists of all the companies that donated to Trump so put ’em onto the NBL. I like the idea of taking pictures of folks coming and going from Trump’s hotels and resorts then publishing same with “Who Are These People?” and are we putting money into their pockets so they can feed the Trump machine? So many rich people apparently have a huge disconnect problem in that they don’t realize who we really are: CUSTOMERS. Not.

– Barry M., SOH Member