Trumpy the Clown

As a kid we were supposed to love clowns.  Although to be honest they did, and still do, creep me out. Having Donald Trump as President isn’t helping.  Bozo as President goes beyond the pale on the creep-out scale.  Most protests I’m seeing are thought and issue based which is nice and all but we’re trying to reach the brain dead here so subtly is off the table. One common trait I see is a virtual lack of humor combined with a dread of being laughed at.  I propose a contest to create an image of Trump as a clown to be used as the rallying image of the anti-Trump movement.  Scary Clowns. Bozo as President.  “Trumpy The Clown”  Envision mass demonstrations with the demonstrators coming as Trumpy The Clown.   Maybe it’s just me but I think that being continuously ridiculed in such a way literally “trumps” Alternative Facts.

– SOH Member