Letter to Trump

Message I sent to Trump:

Dear Mr.Trump,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 69 yr. old college educated woman of average looks and a little over weight. One of millions who will be watching every move you make. This is not a threat it is a promise.

Many people have said they would leave the country if you were elected. I have chosen to stay and fight. I will not allow you to bully me.

I do not believe you understand the importance of your role as president of the United States . This is not one of your companies that if it does not work out you can declare bankruptcy and walk away. What you do as president affects the whole world.

I know you think Putin has great respect for you. I believe he sees you as a man with a weak ego and easy to manipulate. He will use you to get what he wants, to bring this country to its’ knees.

You have not even been inaugurated yet and already you have jeopardized our relationship with China and made racism okay. Good Job! Just so there is no confusion that was sarcasm.

The only people glad you were elected are the white supremacists, religious fanatics, people not sophisticated enough to see through your double speak and comedians (come on the jokes write themselves).

You are a prime example that money cannot buy everything. Your lack of intelligence and class are astounding. Man up, act like the president of one the most powerful nations in the world and not the petulant child we have seen to date.


Always watching.